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The Best Places in Niagara to Snap a Photo for Your Holiday Card

November 27, 2015 12:00 pm

image001Photos and Niagara Falls have been joined together in people’s imaginations and practice for decades. From the first daredevils crossing the falls via high wire in stately Victorian garb to a couple who’s just eloped smooching in front of a crowd of tourists, photographs and Niagara Falls go together like two peas in a pod.

As the many offerings of entertainment have blossomed in the region, so have the photo opportunities. Today’s visitors don’t just snap a picture of themselves in front of cascading water, they also snap photos at the casino, while out on a hike, and while lifting a glass at one of the area’s many wine tasting bars. If you can do it in Niagara—or anywhere else for that matter—today’s camera phone-centered and social media-centered traveler is going to document it, and while the area does afford ample opportunity to keep your Instagram and Facebook followers enthralled, it also offers plenty of perfect spots to take a photo for your family’s holiday card.

Whether it’s you and your partner, or you and your partner and your five kids, if you’re headed to Niagara between this holiday season, plan ahead to get the photo for next year’s holiday card. Here are just a few of the many spots throughout the region that are downright perfect for a holiday photo.

The Waterfalls

image003It almost goes without saying that getting a holiday photo in front of the waterfalls is a good idea, but how you get the photo, when, and from what vantage point all matter a great deal. Two of the area’s finest restaurants offer breathtaking views of the falls from inside their dining rooms, and because of the holiday season, the dining area will also be decked out in holiday decorations. Book a lunch reservation at either the Rainbow Room or Windows, and take a photo that has the waterfalls in it, a beautifully dressed table, and the warm glow of holiday decorations.

Queen Victoria Park

One of the loveliest places in the Niagara Falls region is Queen Victoria Park. Especially if the weather complies, you can get a photo amidst its perfectly manicured grounds. Regardless of the time of year, the park always looks fertile and lively, and in the morning sun, it absolutely glistens and glows. It’s also situated right next to the waterfalls, so it’s possible to set up a shot that includes part of the English garden and the region’s eponymous waterfalls.

Nightmares Fear Factory

If you’re someone who like a holiday card a little more out of the ordinary, then consider subjecting yourself to the Nightmares Fear Factory. A haunted house experience that runs all year long, the Fear Factory also snaps photos of the people being terrorized inside. The result is a hilarious photo of loved ones frozen in time, howling, clutching at one another, and, in general, looking quite unlike themselves.

Head to Niagara this holiday season, and while you’re here, get next year’s unforgettable holiday card photo.

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Spotlight on 4 of the Best Chefs in Niagara

November 18, 2015 10:00 am

image001If you consider yourself a foodie, the odds are good that you’re already well aware of Niagara Falls’ and the surrounding area’s reputation as a haven of exclusive restaurants, locally sourced ingredients, and all-around excellent taste. For years now, the combination of fertile farm country, wine lovers, and a continually expanding farm-to-table movement has fueled a growth in stellar restaurants offering a wide range of culinary experiences. Whether it’s fine dining you’re looking for or more humble digs in which to enjoy a meal, Niagara is a great spot to revel in food.

Because of the wide variety of options, taking in the food scene can all seem a bit overwhelming to the newcomer visiting Niagara. Where should you begin to get the best food experiences available? While the list is small and by no means conclusive, here is a little spotlight to guide you on your way to enjoying Niagara’s fantastic food scene, especially as it’s represented in two of its finest restaurants: Windows by Jamie Kennedy and Massimo Capra’s Rainbow Room.

From celebrity chefs to hometown heroes, here are four of the best chefs in Niagara Falls.

1. Massimo Capra

One of the most recognizable culinary figures in North America, thanks to his role as the host of “Restaurant Makeover,” Massimo Capra is one of the most celebrated chefs in all of Canada. In addition to crafting some of the finest food in the region, his invigorating personality, obsession with fine food, and undeniable skill have led him to some fascinating undertakings, one of which is the Rainbow Room. Under his tutelage, the Rainbow Room offers some of the finest contemporary Italian food in all of Canada, much of it crafted from local ingredients.

2. Jamie Kennedy

Jamie Kennedy has been an outspoken advocate for the farm-to-table movement for years, and his commitment to locally grown fare has remained steadfast. Local food tastes better, looks better, and is more nutritious, but what Kennedy also understands and helps foster is the idea that local food reflects the uniqueness of a place in a way sightseeing and other forms of tourism cannot. For a truly Niagara-based experience, a visitor needs to eat Niagara’s food, and at Windows restaurant, you can do that every day of the year.

3. John Casciato

image003A native of Niagara Falls, John Casciato is the Rainbow Room’s Executive Chef and the Executive Chef of Crowne Plaza Niagara Falls. In addition to overseeing the vision Massimo Capra has for his restaurant, Casciato offers his own unique insight and craft into the region’s fare, ingredients, and culinary practices by helping to craft menus that make use of the best the region’s farms, orchards, fishermen, ranchers, cheese makers, and more have to offer.

4. Jay Jackson

The head chef of Windows Fresh Grill and Wine Bar, Jay Jackson is also Windows restaurant’s Chef de Cuisine. With two decades’ worth of experience in fine restaurants throughout Canada, Jackson is also wholly committed to local ingredients, sourcing them with an insight guided by his own personal taste and desire to give guests the best eating experience possible.

When you’re in Niagara, these four chefs will help you eat like it.

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Holiday Entertainment You Won’t Want to Miss in Niagara This December

November 12, 2015 11:00 am

image001So many people love to visit Niagara in the summer that it’s hard to remember the place is open and full of spectacular fun all year long. Not only does the water careen at its breathtaking pace any time of year, but the offerings by the area’s entertainers and those who book those entertainers don’t drop off one bit. In fact, December is a particularly perfect month to visit, and chief among them are the many holiday-themed entertainment opportunities that exist throughout the region. From musical theater to ballet, here are just a handful of the options you can find throughout the Niagara region should you choose to spend some time with us this December.

A Christmas Fiddle Celebration

Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy’s Christmas Celebration comes to the First Ontario Performing Arts Centre in St. Catharines for two shows on December 5th, one at 2:30pm and one at 7:30pm. For lovers of Christmas and holiday-themed music, fast as lightning fiddling, storytelling, and good, old-fashioned dancing, this event is a must-see and must-experience. Whether you’re alone, with a friend, or travelling with your full family in tow, getting to watch and listen to these two world-class fiddlers will be a highlight of your holiday season.

It’s a Wrap

Brought to you by the talented people behind Niagara’s long-running and ever-popular musical dinner theater, Oh, Canada, Eh?, It’s a Wrap is a Christmas show unlike any other. Set in the 1970s, it’s a Christmas-themed variety show that includes everything from the singing of classic Christmas tunes to dancing fruitcakes and rapping elves. Enjoy a five-course Canadian-themed Christmas dinner served by cast members during the performance as well. It’s a Wrap is a delightful way to spend the evening for young and old alike, and it’s something that can only be experienced this holiday season in Niagara Falls.

Ballet Jorgen

image003For many families, the holiday season is incomplete without getting to take in the perennial holiday classic, The Nutcracker. Join area families and lucky-enough-to-know-about-it visitors as the Ballet Jorgen, inspired by the Group of Seven—an area dance troupe known for taking a different approach to classics—brings Tchaikovsky’s classic alive in a way that is refreshingly Canadian. For two days only, on December 12th and 13th at 7pm, you can experience The Nutcracker at St. Catharines’ First Ontario Performing Arts Centre.

Catherine MacLellan

Performing live at the beautiful Seneca Queen Theatre in downtown Niagara Falls on December 12th at 7pm, Canadian roots musician, songwriter, and singer, Catherine MacLellan is a staple of contemporary music in Canada and the United States. Her unique and luscious sound has earned her much critical acclaim over the years from media outlets as different in scope as The Austin Chronicle, BBC Radio, Q Magazine, The Boston Globe, and Maverick Magazine. For a night of roots music helmed by a singer with gravitas and exquisite taste, this one-time-only performance should not be missed.

So, head to the Niagara region for your fix of entertainment this December. Whether you’re in the mood for ballet, original roots music, or fancy fiddling, we have something for everyone, and almost all of it can only be had with a visit to Niagara.

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When the 12 Days of Christmas Require 13: A Christmas Wine and Food Event Only in Niagara

November 6, 2015 10:30 am

image001For anyone who’s ever spent a holiday season in Niagara, it’s easy to tell that both locals and visitors take their holiday fun seriously. Whether it’s with a drive through the Winter Festival of Lights or by eating a holiday-themed meal at one of our many fabulous restaurants, festive and fun opportunities abound.

When it comes to proper gift-giving, however, it can seem like there’s little guidance beyond the world-class shopping that’s always available. Well, this year, there’s a small but welcome change afoot in that department.

The 12 Days of Christmas

In the popular holiday song, “The 12 Days of Christmas,” holiday gift-giving is both amorous and increasingly elaborate. From the first day’s “partridge in a pear tree” through the fifth day’s “five golden rings,” all the way up to the 12th day’s “12 drummers drumming,” each day’s gift haul gets bigger in number and more elaborate in nature. While few givers of gifts practice such excessive and long-running gifting, the sentiment inherent in the song is undeniably sweet — a marker of the ways in which gift giving reveals how we feel about one another.

Enter the 13th Day

If you and your loved ones give gifts around Christmas and Hanukkah, you’re probably already on the hunt for the perfect gift. Whether or not you have people who are difficult to buy for, the 13th Street Winery has a fun, holiday-themed event that will help you tackle your list. For one afternoon only, on December 12 from 11:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m., join 13th Street Winery’s sommelier, Corinne Maund, for a tour of wine and food pairings that will amp your gift-giving and holiday hosting prowess up considerably. It’s called the 13 Days of Christmas.

About 13th Street Winery

image003The creators of the 13 Days of Christmas hail from the 13th Street Winery, where a shared love of wine, art, food, and hospitality called two families together to start a winery. John and June Man and Karen and Doug Whitty have deep roots in the Niagara region, and a visit to their St. Catharines wine boutique is a must for any visitor to the region. From the tasting bar to the on-site bakery, delicious treats and the feeling of coming home abound. It’s no wonder, then, that they found a way to combine all these things together in the 13 Days of Christmas.

The 13 Days of Christmas Event

Beyond getting to sample 13 unique food and wine pairings that you can make use of at your next holiday get-together, the 13 Days of Christmas will also provide guidance in buying wine for your family and friends. Holiday entertaining tips will also be given, from decorating ideas to ideas on how to make a holiday party even more fun. You’ll also be able to choose from among 13th Street Winery’s gift sets and bottle gift wrapping for beautifully wrapped presents your loved ones will exclaim about.

So, come to Niagara over the weekend of December 12, and buy your tickets to the 13 Days of Christmas early. If you need any help with your forthcoming holiday festivities, the 13th Street Winery will have almost everything you need.

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4 Reasons to Get Fabulicious in Niagara This November

October 29, 2015 12:00 pm

image001The Niagara region hosts some of North American’s most memorable food- and wine-centered events.

From the Ice Wine Festival that takes place each January to the Niagara Food Festival held each September, the region, its inhabitants, and the visitors who make their way here all know that when food and wine come together anywhere on the Peninsula, a good time will be had by all. Add to the many occasions of revelry the backdrop of the world-famous waterfalls, the stunning beauty of the Niagara Escarpment, and the hospitable environment, and you’re hard-pressed to find a better place to eat and drink.

So it should come as no surprise that the trend of good food and wine is on full display in little Niagara-on-the-Lake’s Fabulicious this November. A twice-a-year event that takes place each February and November, Fabulicious showcases the cuisine and artistry of the chefs associated with the Signature Kitchen restaurants. And, because it’s, Niagara, local flavors are front and center.

Here are four of the many reasons to take a trip to Niagara between November 12 and November 19 to hit the regional highlight that is Fabulicious.

1. The Restaurants

Known as the Signature Kitchens, 14 of Niagara-on-the-Lake’s finest restaurants have banded together over a desire to deliver imaginative, high-end cuisine that makes the most of the area’s rich produce, fruits, VQA wines, meat, seafood, and artisanal cheeses. Committed also to the guest experience, the food in every restaurant is served in a comfortable, rich atmosphere, where it is offered by professional and knowledgeable staff.

Every day of the year is the perfect day to visit a Signature Kitchen; it’s just that Fabulicious offers special menus at unbeatable value. Here are just a handful of the 14 restaurants participating in Fabulicious:

  • LIV at White Oaks
  • Riverbend Inn
  • Bistro Six-One
  • Peller Estates Winery Restaurant

2. The Prices

image003Fabulicious provides a wealth of opportunity to eat and drink like royalty, and it does so at prices that are astonishingly affordable! Prix-Fixe menus of three carefully curated courses—appetizers, main dish, and dessert—are offered for just $25 during lunch at each of the 14 restaurants and, the price is just $39 during dinner.

3. The Relaxed Pace

One hidden and treasured secret of Niagara in November is that due to the cooler temperature and lack of crowds, the pace the region settles into is much more conducive to enjoying leisurely meals in beautiful settings. Fabulicious takes place at just the right time to benefit from this relaxed pace before winter has set in. Enjoy cooler temperatures that aren’t yet cold, and an easy-going, rarely hurried feeling.

4. Niagara-on-the-Lake

One more excellent reason to take in Fabulicious this November is its location. Niagara-on-the-Lake is considered by many to be one of the most charming and interesting towns in all of Canada. Its many wineries, quaint shops, fabulous parks, and top-notch restaurants all make it a place where, to the weary traveler looking for a true holiday, time can easily be well-spent.

Come to Niagara to eat and drink this November when Fabulicious will make enjoying an excellent meal easier than ever.

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The VQA — What to Know When Drinking Wine in Niagara

October 21, 2015 11:00 am

image001If you’re new to drinking Canadian wine from certain places, you may or may not have noticed the little VQA label that either is — or isn’t — present on the label. VQA stands for Vintner’s Quality Association, and much like wine regulatory bodies in France (AOC), Italy (DOC), and Spain (DO), it’s intended to guarantee an authenticity of origin and quality as it relates to wine produced in Ontario and British Columbia. A label that has everything to do with taste, territory, and terroir, a VQA label can tell you a lot about a bottle of wine before you even open it.

If you’re planning a trip to Niagara, take some time to familiarize yourself with one of the region’s crown jewels. Niagara’s wine country is celebrated around the world, and the VQA — along with enjoying copious amounts of the stuff, of course — can give you a bit of insight into understanding why. Here is a little of what you need to know to decipher that little, bitty label.

VQA Ontario

The Vintner’s Quality Association governs Ontario and British Columbia wines, and the Ontario-specific version is known as VQA Ontario. While its role as a regulatory agency is responsible for ensuring the wines that earn the VQA label meet certain criteria, it does not represent any of the wine makers or vineyard owners, but rather the area’s winemaking as a whole. Obsessed with both quality and authenticity, VQA Ontario works to maintain the integrity of Ontario wines’ terroir, while also expanding opportunities for people to understand and appreciate their uniqueness and variety.

What Is Terroir?

A French word that means “earth” or “soil,” terroir is a complex idea when it comes to the world of winemaking in general, and VQA wines in particular. It’s much more than just a description of the ways in which soil affects the grapes that are made into wine.

When considering a wine or winery’s terroir, climate, water, soil, drainage, elevation, other flora, and even winemaking tradition are all taken into consideration as having a real effect on a wine’s character, from the way it tastes and smells to the way it looks and feels in the mouth. For VQA Ontario wines in the Niagara Peninsula, the question of terroir gets incredibly detailed, and in order to be labeled VQA, a wine must honor it.

The Niagara Peninsula

image003The Niagara Peninsula boasts over 46 grape varietals planted on more than 13,500 acres. The largest area in all of Canada to be planted in vineyards whose grapes will become wine, it’s a remarkably varied appellation — a word that refers simply to a well-defined and geographical location — that has within it 12 different sub-appellations that are themselves broken down into even smaller regional appellations.

The area’s mild but varied climate coupled with fertile and diverse soils make for a surprising amount of multiplicity that has given Niagara an impressive reputation around the world. The Niagara Peninsula alone boasts roughly 55 percent of all of Ontario’s VQA wineries.

So, look for the label when you find yourself drinking wine in Niagara. Not only will it indicate that the wine you are drinking meets the strictest of quality standards, but VQA wines from Niagara are also some of the most satisfying in all of Canada — and in some cases, the world — to drink.

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You Know You’re in Niagara When…

October 13, 2015 10:30 am

Unless you’ve received a good wallop on the head or you’re terribly lost, the chances are pretty good that you almost always know exactly where you are. Whether you’re in Timbuktu, a grocery store in Vancouver, or a New York City subway station, human beings are rarely without their bearings for long. However, just because you know exactly where you are doesn’t always mean you know exactly what’s around you. The intricacies of a place can themselves become lost, whether it’s due to over-familiarity or just a lack of detailed knowledge.

If you’re visiting the Niagara area, both a false sense of familiarity and a lack of specialized knowledge can keep you from experiencing the more hidden and lesser known wonders the place has to offer. While the giant waterfalls still top everyone’s list of why the place makes for a great vacation, smaller delicacies also abound. Here is a site, a tree, and a wine that are all so unique to the Niagara region that even if you’ve got your back to all that water, when you spot them, you’ll always know exactly where you are.

The Wedding Museum

image001Could there be a better-located wedding museum? Long known as the Honeymoon Capitol of the world, this Niagara Falls museum has a vast collection of wedding gowns and tuxedos that date from the 1870s all the way up to the present day.

There is also an extensive hat, accessory, and fashion collection that dates back to 1830. If you love looking over the glamour and splendor of ages past, the Niagara Falls’ Wedding Museum is a must, and it can only be experienced in Niagara Falls.

All That Niagara Icewine

There are many wine regions throughout North America and around the world, and many of them produce excellent wines. However, few places can rival Niagara’s production of and love affair with icewine. Made from grapes that were allowed to naturally freeze on the vine before harvesting and pressing, icewine is a sweet, luscious laborious creation that is so well-made in Niagara, the wineries in the region have won coveted international awards with it.

It’s a delicious and specialty elixir not commonly produced throughout the world, and those places that do make it rarely do so as well as Niagara.

The Red Mulberry

image003A rare tree that is native to the area, the red mulberry has been nearly wiped out. In Niagara, however, it’s still making a stand. The Niagara Gorge is home to 21 red mulberry trees and is one of only 10 places in all of Ontario where it is known to still exist.

A major effort is underway to restore it to healthier and more robust numbers, and organizations as far-ranging as the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, the National Parks, numerous universities, and more have joined forces to help it thrive again. In the meantime, however, Niagara Gorge is one of the few places the tree can still be found.

Niagara is one of those places that is assumed to be a known entity because it holds a place within the popular imagination. The next time you visit, however, resist believing you know all you need to. Instead, open your mind and eyes to a true experience of Niagara — a place unlike any other on earth.

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A Quick Look at 3 of the Niagara River Islands

October 5, 2015 10:00 am

image001When people stop to consider Niagara geography, it’s the massive waterfalls that always come first, followed by the Niagara River, the Niagara Gorge, and, maybe, Lake Erie.

While each of these is certainly notable in its own right, they are by no means the beginning and end of Niagara’s variable and ever-surprising landscape. Take, for instance, the many small islands that dot the Niagara River in and Niagara Falls, Ontario and Niagara, New York.

Many of them have fascinating features and interesting histories, and for the true explorer, they’re one more reason to visit Niagara. Here is a look at three of the many islands that populate the river out of which the mighty Niagara Falls plummet.

1. Goat Island

Named by John Stedman in the late 18th century, who claimed — somewhat dubiously — that the Seneca Native Americans had given them to him, Goat Island sits on the American side of things in the Niagara River right between the American and Canadian Falls. For a time, Stedman did keep goats on the island, but during a particularly harsh winter, he lost the entire herd save one.

The State of New York claimed the island in 1801 and tried to rename it Iris Island to no avail. The locals had become far too used to it being the site of Stedman’s goats to call it anything else, which is why it maintains the somewhat unappealing name to this day. Visitors to Goat Island can access it easily by a pedestrian bridge from the U.S. side.

2. Navy Island

image003A 316-acre island located above the waterfalls on the Canadian side, the British established a Navy shipyard here in 1763 to combat what they considered to be a growing threat of Native American uprisings. Many different types of boats were built here over the years, such as sloops and schooners the British then used to explore the Great Lakes.

In 1837, Navy Island itself was the site of a rebellion, but Native Americans had nothing to do with. As many as 400 rebels — mostly disgruntled Americans of European ancestry — took over the island and the leader of the group, William Lyon Mackenzie, declared himself to be the Chief of State of the New Republic of Canada. The British bombarded the island but failed to fully prevail. A month later, the rebels moved their headquarters to Grand Island. Today, it is a wildlife preserve.

3. Grand Island

The largest island in the Niagara River, Grand Island is over 17,000 acres, and it was purchased by the state of New York from Native Americans in 1815. Land grants were then offered for free, but only about 150 people tried to make a home there. After ferry service was established in 1825, the East Boston Company bought roughly 16,000 of the acres for timber to sell for shipbuilding in Boston and New York. Bridges were completed to the island in the 1930s, and today, Grand Island has plenty to offer anyone visiting Niagara, including bowling, a small amusement park, and a golf course.

Don’t just stick to the beaten path the next time you come to the Niagara Falls area. Whether you do it for the history or for the fun, head out onto one of the islands that sit in the midst of the Niagara River.

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The Best Steak Restaurants in Niagara Falls

September 24, 2015 10:00 am

image001A great vacation depends on a number of things, and the memories that you take away from that vacation also rely on many factors. Perhaps it’s a special activity that you’ve never tried before, a treasured memory when your child experiences something new for the first time, or it’s a particularly beautiful sunset over a part of the world that is brand new to you.

However, for some people the best memories of a vacation are of the edible variety.

Food is an integral part of any travel experience. While many memorable travel meals consist of a food that is native to region, or prepared in a style that a country is famous for, sometimes it can be as simple as an expertly prepared, perfectly seasoned, and exceptionally plated steak.

If you’re a carnivore and are planning a visit to Niagara, these are some of the best places to get a perfect steak. This list may also help you choose your hotel in Niagara Falls as well.

Ruth’s Chris

As one of the world’s premier steak house brands, Ruth’s Chris in Niagara Falls never fails to amaze with their simple yet elegant menu and steaks prepared perfectly every time. Located in the Four Points by Sheraton on the Falls Resort, Ruth’s Chris offers a pretty spectacular view of the Falls, and the illumination and fireworks when they’re scheduled.

Ruth’s Chris also offers a luxurious cocktail lounge that is perfect for a pre-dinner drink.

Buchanans Chophouse

Inside the Doubletree Hotel is Buchanans Chophouse. With a menu full of prime cuts of beef that are wonderfully prepared, this restaurant also offers live music on the weekends and a great view of the falls. Seafood and pasta dishes are also on offer, and they have an extensive list of wines that pair perfectly with every meal.

Reservations are definitely recommended for Buchanans, so make yours early to avoid disappointment.

Copacabana Brazilian Steakhouse

A steak lover’s life wouldn’t be complete without a traditional Brazilian barbecue experience. You can spare yourself the ticket to Rio and simply make a reservation at Copacabana during your visit to Niagara Falls. A view of the falls, a large outdoor seating area, live Brazilian entertainment, and perfectly cooked steaks make Copacabana a must on your Niagara itinerary.

As with any restaurant of this caliber, reservations are recommended, especially during high season.

The Keg Steakhouse and Bar

image003If you like your steaks impeccably aged, perfectly trimmed, and expertly cooked, then you’re in luck. If you also like your steak with a sublime view of the falls, then you’re in heaven. Located in the Embassy Suites Hotel, the Keg Steakhouse and Bar is popular with visitors and locals alike. In addition to their steaks, their menu consists of a variety of sides like lobster tail and crab cakes.

If food is one way that you remember your travels, and steak is one of your favorite foods, then you’ll have the fondest memories of your time in Niagara Falls if you choose one of these exceptional steak houses.

Or try all of them. After all, you’re on vacation.

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Sweet Tooth: Where to Shop for Chocolate in Niagara Falls

September 17, 2015 11:00 am

image001Who doesn’t love chocolate? Who doesn’t love shopping? If you’re visiting Niagara Falls soon then you will have the decadent luxury of combining both of your favorite activities into one (or more) deliciously delightful days.

Visitors of all kinds flock to Niagara for its incredible shopping opportunities, which include outlet stores and local boutiques. However, one of Niagara’s most irresistible draws is its chocolate and candy stores. Whether you’re shopping for your own sweet tooth, picking up gifts for friends back home, or simply want to treat your children to a fun day in the candy store, these are just a few of the stores that will have you singing the praises of all things chocolate.

Pop & Lolly’s Candy Shop

With a specialized chocolatier on staff and many more colorful candy treats, Pop and Lolly’s on Niagara Parkway on the Canadian side of the falls is the perfect place to shop. You can choose from custom-made chocolates, or try the chocolate dipping station with all of your favorite fruits where you can dunk to your heart’s content. You can even try dipping other types of candy into the chocolate fountain to maximize the sweet factor.

The kids can see how hard candy is made or choose a multitude of their favorite candies to take home. This is also the perfect place to create a custom chocolate gift for a friend or loved one back home.

Candy Planet

How could you go wrong with a name like Candy Planet? This combination candy store and ice cream shop also specializes in fudge. Bring the whole family here for a well-deserved treat after a day of sightseeing, and be sure to pick up some of their world-famous fudge as a treat for yourself or for someone else.

The grownups can enjoy one of Candy Planet’s delicious coffees, while everyone browses their wide selection of candies, including many brands that aren’t often seen these days. They are located at the foot of Clifton Hill near the Hornblower Cruises, which is a very convenient spot that you’ll pass while strolling through the village.

Hershey’s Chocolate World Niagara Falls

image003As one of the most recognizable names in chocolate, the Hershey’s Chocolate World Niagara Falls store  is often a welcome sight for visitors who love chocolate. The store is a chocolate-lover’s paradise where you’ll find freshly made chocolate sweets including hand dipped chocolate strawberries, cookies, chocolate dipped pretzels and more. You can also try a sample of gourmet Hershey’s fudge from a delectable assortment of custom made flavors while shopping for unique Hershey’s gifts and souvenirs.

Chocolate lovers around the world unite! Be sure to book your hotel in Niagara Falls near one of these divine candy and chocolate shops, or be sure to make a stop as you’re exploring the area. Because while there are so many things to see and do in Niagara, there’s always time for chocolate.

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