Sleep Cheap Charity Promotion Hits Target of $1 Million

December 28, 2011 12:30 pm

Thanks to the support of local residents, the Sleep Cheap Charities Reap promotion has topped the $1 Million mark.  This year’s event raised $175,988 to put the eight year total over $1 million.   The annual fall fundraiser offers hotel stays and waterpark packages at steep discounts to Niagara Residents with the monies being donated to local charities.  This year, the event was extended to 5 days and offered a record 7,800 rooms at 27 Niagara Falls hotels including those on the Falls Avenue Resort.  The monies collected this year will be distributed among 13 charities in the Niagara Region.  In total, 43 charities have benefited from the support of Sleep Cheap.