Sheraton Fallsview is Host Hotel for Ride to Conquer Cancer 2012

May 30, 2012 1:43 pm

           The 2012 edition of The Ride to Conquer Cancer features a new Niagara Ride and the Sheraton Fallsview is lending it’s support.

          The Sheraton Fallsview has been named the host hotel in Niagara and is a great option for riders who will be getting off to an early start.  Riders are invited to stay the night before the ride and will enjoy a special dinner on June 8th as well as breakfast on June 9th prior to the ride.  A shuttle will be provided from the Sheraton to the start-line at 6am.

            The Ride to Conquer Cancer is an annual two-day ride, over 200km in distance from Toronto to Niagara. Money raised will benefit one of the top cancer research institutes in the world, The Campbell Family Institute at The Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto. The 2012 Ride to Conquer Cancer will begin June 9th and end June 10th, each day containing over 100km of cycling. This year will offer multiple route options including a start inNiagara, turnaround options and tougher challenges and greater convenience to encourage more riders. Each option brings riders together at the Hamilton midpoint to camp together overnight.

            Last year the Ride to Conquer Cancer had over 4,600 participants and raised $17.5 million. This charity event has seen great success through use of innovative online sponsorship tools that allow riders to easily track progress and obtain sponsors. Each person is part of a riding team, generating a strong community and positive environment for people with a common vision for change.