Falls Avenue Resort – The Canadian holiday experience

July 11, 2013 4:23 pm

complex-smaller-for-jeffIf you’re from south of the border, across the ocean, or just love the Canada, why not visit one of the most recognizable Canadian landmarks and make your trip a real Canadian experience when you visit Niagara Falls.

Visit the Falls: A truly Canadian trip has to include a visit to see the Falls up close and from high above. Walk along the Niagara Parkway and take in the sights up close and then head to either Window’s by Jamie Kennedy or The Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra for dinner and a spectacular view of the Falls and the surrounding area from high above.

Ice wine tours: Canada, and specifically Niagara, is known for producing some of the world’s best wines, however our specialty, ice wine, can only be produced in a few areas around the world. Ice wine is something that has to be tasted to be believed so book a trip to a winery in the Niagara Region and try it for yourself. The incredibly smooth and sweet wine is considered a delicacy around the world and Canada is known as the premier ice wine harvester because of our unique grape growing conditions.

Get outside: Depending on how rugged you want to get, Canada, and Niagara, are known for their outdoor activities. From easy park trails to rigorous mountain biking climbs, you can experience the outdoors like a true Canadian by roughing it for an afternoon but return to the comforts of one of the world class hotels at the Falls Avenue Resort.

Eat it up: It’s no secret that Canada is known around the world for its poutine and maple syrup. To get a true taste of what Canada is about seek out the French fries, gravy and cheese curds combo created and perfected in Canada.  Also don’t forget to pick up some real maple syrup before heading back home so you can show your friends what they missed out on. To get a real taste of what Canadian cuisine is like, check out Windows by Jamie Kennedy, which creates unbelievable dishes using only local ingredients.

Have a laugh: From Jim Carrey to John Candy to Howie Mandel, Canadians are known around the world for our comedy. Take in the Oh Canada Eh? Dinner theatre show or Yuk Yuks comedy at Casino Niagara. You’re guaranteed to have a good time and experience the funny side of Canadian culture.

To book your next Falls Avenue Resort hotel getaway at one of four spectacular hotels and experience Niagara Falls like no where else.