Niagara Craft Beer Scene

March 31, 2014 4:54 pm

GCCBFNiagara Falls is known for its wine but not everyone is aware of its burgeoning craft beer scene.

Kicking off spring is the Real Canadian Craft Beer Festival, which is taking place on April 5th at the Scotiabank Convention Centre in Niagara Falls. Full of new and favourite breweries showcasing their delicious creations, visitors will find local music and food making this a Saturday to remember!

Although the festival will have tons of breweries from all over Ontario, there are some new breweries establishing themselves right in our own backyard!

Silversmith Brewery

This newly opened brewery located in a former church on Niagara-on-the-Lake is taking the beer world by storm. Their location is rather unique as the outside appears to be an old fashioned chapel however the interior has been renovated to become a small batch brewery. Two men, Chris Pontsioen and Matt Swan, came together to create Silversmith after noticing the lack of good beer in Niagara.

Their name originated from Chris’ family history of silversmiths. In 2011 when the brewery was created, the pair wanted to add a new idea to the area well known for its world-class wines. Over the years Silversmith has been perfecting its craft and is now gaining distribution throughout Ontario where it can be found in bars and restaurants across the province.

Oast House Brewery

The recently opened Oast House Brewery, located in the heart of Niagara-on-the-Lake, uses local ingredients to create its one of a kind beer products. The ingredients used to create its beer are sourced from local farmers that the brewery has created partnerships with from across the region.

In 2012, Cian MacNeil, Kevin Somerville and Mike Berlis decided to renovate a red barn near the old town district and pursue their passion of beer brewing. With their extensive wine and beer knowledge the three have developed an eye for great beer and the process behind creating a great batch.

With tours and tastings offered to visitors, you can take a stroll through the old town district and try Oast House beer for yourself. If you don’t live close by you are in luck – you can now find Oast House Beer in restaurants across Ontario as well as in the LCBO.

Niagara College Teaching Brewery

Canada’s first and only teaching brewery can be found in Niagara at Niagara College. With a high demand for skilled workers in the craft brewing industry this program educates those interested in beer making and the techniques behind it.

Their facility has made it easy for students to brew their own craft beer on campus while being trained by professionals in the industry. With a 1,000 litre system and a one keg at a time system, this facility is ideal for experimenting and creating the perfect taste.

Using local ingredients, a commonality between all the breweries, the Niagara College Teaching Brewing has been able to create a range of beers including lagers, ales, wheat beers and more.

Visitors to Niagara can even stop in to the Niagara College Teaching Brewery shop to purchase a bottle or two to taste what the future of Canadian brewing will be.

All three of these breweries will be showcasing their products at the Real Canadian Craft Beer Festival on April 5th. Purchase your tickets for the festival and indulge in local food and beer and watch these breweries make Niagara proud.