Visiting Canada and Crossing The Border

June 24, 2014 4:46 pm

niagara-falls-fireworks-largeIf you plan on visiting Niagara Falls from the United States it’s always important to be prepared and have everything you will need to make your trip a smooth one. Make sure that before you travel everything is prepared and you don’t forget anything last minute!

These tips will help you make sure you get here without any qualms for an enjoyable trip in the region.

  1. When visiting Canada make sure you have your passport ready – entry into the country is prohibited without a valid passport.
  2. If you’re driving in from the US, check the wait times for the Rainbow Bridge by visiting That way you can plan accordingly depending on how long you may have to wait.
  3. When planning your trip it’s a good idea to see what days the Canadian holidays fall on as there could be changes in operating hours during special holidays. That being said, Niagara Falls is typically at its busiest during holidays so make sure you arrive early!
  4. If you’re traveling with children always make sure you have proper identification for them and yourself when crossing the border. Children under the age of 18 will need permission from their parents/guardian if you are not the parent.
  5. Have your currency exchanged prior to crossing the border to make purchasing easier.
  6. Make sure to turn off your phone to avoid roaming charges!

Don’t forget to do your research before and decide ahead of time what you want to see and do, it will save you valuable time when in Niagara Falls! The city offers many attractions and dining options that are unique to the city so be ready and fill your itinerary with fun all day long.