Niagara Falls’ Top Pet-Friendly Places

October 23, 2014 4:01 pm

FARblog1.jpegWhen you go on vacation to an exciting location, you want to experience it with your family and friends. For many Americans, that counts their four-legged companions. Unfortunately, not every vacation spot is built with pets in mind; in fact, many beaches and most resorts designate only a small sliver of their resources to accommodating our animal pals. However, Niagara Falls is no such place: Furry friends are as welcome in Niagara Falls as their owners, and there are so many activities to do and places to go with your pets that you’ll probably run out of time before you run out of options. Here are our top picks for animal-friendly spots around Niagara Falls.

Winery Tours

Pets might not be much for booze, but many owners don’t want to miss the chance to sample world-class wines straight from the source. Luckily, many of the Niagara Falls region’s top vineyards welcome animals in their outdoor areas. Walk around the estates to see the growing grapes and old buildings, then settle down for a tasty treat. Your four-legged friends can bask in the sunlight while you sip your drink of choice and dine on perfect food pairings if you choose to come for lunch or dinner. This activity offers satisfaction for you both — even if your pet chooses not to imbibe.

Queen Victoria Park

Located so close to every desirable downtown Niagara Location, gorgeous Queen Victoria Park boasts unparalleled views of Canada’s own Horseshoe Falls. This green space and walkway offer an excellent location for pictures of you and your pet at Niagara’s chief landmark. The park changes every season; the upcoming winter will showcase the stark white beauty of the area, while the eventual spring will see the park ablaze in bright blooms like daffodils and tulips. Your furry pal will love walking with you up and down the walkways, and there are so many excellent viewing locations, you two could easily while away the hours doing just that.


FARblog2.jpegThis quaint town is less than an hour away from Niagara Falls proper, and it is filled with so much for you and your pet to see and do that it would be a shame not to make the trek. Niagara-on-the-Lake feels like it was stopped in time, as the buildings and motorways look the exact same as they did a century ago. You can take lunch or dinner on the porch of one of the pet-friendly cafes, and there are blocks of shop windows begging for a peek — we promise there isn’t a chain store among them.

If you and your leashed companion grow tired of walking around, the town’s numerous parks and shady and the grass is lush, so you both can lie down for a rest before tackling another pet-friendly activity.

Niagara Falls is full of parks and wilderness areas where pets are hardily encouraged. However, you should always come prepared to pack out what you bring in, and that includes your animal’s waste. It is also courteous to keep your pet leashed when you may encounter other people, and if your pet has any type of aggression — even if it never escalates above growling — a muzzle makes other people feel safe.

It is easy to go on vacation with your pet when you know your destination is as animal friendly as you are. Take the right precautions, plan the right itinerary, and you and your furry friend will have a blast.