Horsing Around in Niagara Falls

December 10, 2014 12:29 pm

FAR5.jpegHorses and humans have a long and storied history, which is likely why so many people have an affinity for horses. These huge powerful creatures are as beautiful as they are practical; horses have an overwhelmingly positive effect on both individuals and society.

Recent studies have shown that horseback riding offers a wealth of benefits, from physical to mental. Horseback rides can be calm and relaxed affairs, but horses can be skittish and require gentle care. Calm, confident interaction is the only way to gain a horse’s trust and loyalty, which are crucial to command during a horseback ride.

Moreover, the act of riding a horse requires muscles inaccessible in regular workout routines. To remain mounted, one must be stable, coordinated, strong, and flexible. The back of a horse is an unstable surface, and while it may feel easy to stay on top during a slow amble, when horses pick up speed, you’ll need all the balance and strength you have in your legs and core just to stay upright. Most beginning horseback riders continue to be sore and stiff for months into their training.

If you are looking for a unique and challenging way to see the beauty of Niagara Falls, there is no better place than on the back of a horse. At your own pace, you’ll be able to take in the natural wonder of the Niagara region and feel truly connected with the flora and fauna around you. Here are the two best stables in Niagara that provide tours and treks through the region’s most beautiful areas.

HorsePlay Niagara

FAR6.jpegThis company offers a large number of different and unique tours through trails rarely accessed by the usual Niagara Falls tourist. See the densest forest or the most serene beaches that Niagara has to offer all from your scenic perch atop your mount. What’s more, you can bring along the whole family for a safe and fun family trail ride, or you can make your horse riding more intimate with either romance or engagement packages. As there is a horse perfect for every rider, there’s a trail adventure perfect for every group.

HorsePlay Niagara caters to all levels of riders and welcomes the opportunity to educate children about the majesty of horses. If you are interested in learning more about horse riding, they offer private and group classes to teach the intricacies of the sport, and those with any amount of experience are welcome to sign up.

Niagara Riding Stables

Locals and visitors alike appreciate the care and devotion Niagara Riding Stables provides to both its animals and environment. The Niagara Escarpment is a vast and diverse forest filled with wonder and beauty, and is largely unexplored by regular tourists. This company will take you right along the edge of the escarpment for the absolute most stunning and unique views of the landscape you’re likely to get in real life. Plus, the experienced guides will teach you about the history and biology of the region as well as provide crucial instruction in riding horses. These stables are open year-round, and every trail feels exciting and fresh.