The Best Pizza in Niagara Falls

September 4, 2015 10:00 am

image001Family travel can be one of the most incredible ways to create lasting memories and strengthen the bonds that you have with your loved ones. It can also be very difficult, especially when you’re dealing with a multitude of personalities and varying opinions.

One person may want to visit a Niagara water park. Another person may want to go on a winery tour. Everyone wants to see the famous falls, but someone would prefer to go at noon and another wants to go at sunset.

Just as the old saying goes, you can’t please all the people all the time.

However, if there’s one thing that most people can agree upon even during a family vacation, it’s pizza. Everyone loves pizza. The kids love it, the parents love it, and even the grandparents love it. Pizza is always the go-to food when you need to please everyone.

As you prepare for your family vacation to Niagara Falls, keep this list of the best pizza restaurants in town handy. You’re going to need it.

Antica Pizzeria

With a wood fired oven and a homey atmosphere, family run Antica Pizzeria is consistently named the best in town, by both the locals and visitors. A large dining area and a cocktail bar complete the space, which means that it’s comfortable and offers a little bit of everything.

While traditional thin crust pizza is their specialty, Antica also offers traditional Italian pasta dishes, appetizers, and salads. They even offer gluten free dough in limited quantities. Feel free to call ahead to see if it’s available when you’d like to visit.

Gambler’s Pizza

Family-owned and operated and the self-proclaimed “best pizza in town” Gambler’s Pizza has been in operation since 2008. Their pizza menu is extensive with a number of build your own pizza options that range in sizes from a small four-slice pie to a 24-slice behemoth.

And since there may be that one time when someone in your group still doesn’t want pizza, Gambler’s is still a great choice. They offer hot and cold subs, and delicious chicken wings for those who still insist they’re not in the mood for pizza.

Zappi’s Pizzeria

image003Zappi’s Pizzeria is a local favorite and has been since 1971 when the restaurant was opened by the Zappitelli family. After the owners retired and closed in 1986, it seemed as if the entire Niagara area went into mourning. Thankfully, the owners’ son reopened Zappi’s in 2002 and they have been creating delicious pies ever since.

Pizza, calzones, sub sandwiches, pastas, and more, Zappi’s has it all. They also offer online ordering, delivery service, and they even have an electric vehicle charging station. This is the place that the locals recommend to visitors, time and time again, and it’s easy to see why. Good food, good service, and a long-standing presence in the community say it all.

Family or group vacations can be hard, but pizza always seems to make things so much better. Try one of these great pizzerias on your next Niagara Falls trip and everyone will leave with a smile.