The Best Places in Niagara to Snap a Photo for Your Holiday Card

November 27, 2015 12:00 pm

image001Photos and Niagara Falls have been joined together in people’s imaginations and practice for decades. From the first daredevils crossing the falls via high wire in stately Victorian garb to a couple who’s just eloped smooching in front of a crowd of tourists, photographs and Niagara Falls go together like two peas in a pod.

As the many offerings of entertainment have blossomed in the region, so have the photo opportunities. Today’s visitors don’t just snap a picture of themselves in front of cascading water, they also snap photos at the casino, while out on a hike, and while lifting a glass at one of the area’s many wine tasting bars. If you can do it in Niagara—or anywhere else for that matter—today’s camera phone-centered and social media-centered traveler is going to document it, and while the area does afford ample opportunity to keep your Instagram and Facebook followers enthralled, it also offers plenty of perfect spots to take a photo for your family’s holiday card.

Whether it’s you and your partner, or you and your partner and your five kids, if you’re headed to Niagara between this holiday season, plan ahead to get the photo for next year’s holiday card. Here are just a few of the many spots throughout the region that are downright perfect for a holiday photo.

The Waterfalls

image003It almost goes without saying that getting a holiday photo in front of the waterfalls is a good idea, but how you get the photo, when, and from what vantage point all matter a great deal. Two of the area’s finest restaurants offer breathtaking views of the falls from inside their dining rooms, and because of the holiday season, the dining area will also be decked out in holiday decorations. Book a lunch reservation at either the Rainbow Room or Windows, and take a photo that has the waterfalls in it, a beautifully dressed table, and the warm glow of holiday decorations.

Queen Victoria Park

One of the loveliest places in the Niagara Falls region is Queen Victoria Park. Especially if the weather complies, you can get a photo amidst its perfectly manicured grounds. Regardless of the time of year, the park always looks fertile and lively, and in the morning sun, it absolutely glistens and glows. It’s also situated right next to the waterfalls, so it’s possible to set up a shot that includes part of the English garden and the region’s eponymous waterfalls.

Nightmares Fear Factory

If you’re someone who like a holiday card a little more out of the ordinary, then consider subjecting yourself to the Nightmares Fear Factory. A haunted house experience that runs all year long, the Fear Factory also snaps photos of the people being terrorized inside. The result is a hilarious photo of loved ones frozen in time, howling, clutching at one another, and, in general, looking quite unlike themselves.

Head to Niagara this holiday season, and while you’re here, get next year’s unforgettable holiday card photo.