When You Need to Send Flowers in Niagara Falls…

April 15, 2016 3:40 pm

FARblog3It’s hard to know exactly what services you are going to want and need when you head out on vacation, but planning ahead is always a great idea. From determining which of the region’s massage therapists are the best to scheduling a lazy and luxurious manicure or pedicure, being pampered by professionals while you’re taking a break from your hectic life is something almost everyone enjoys.

Of course, the services of some professionals you can hopefully avoid entirely, such as a dentist, nurse, doctor, or car mechanic, and while sending flowers is sometimes due to unfortunate events, it’s still a service that may come in handy, whether you’re trying to tell your betrothed how much she means to you, or you’re trying to tell her how sorry you are for spending too much money playing poker at the casino the night before.

Whatever the occasion, there are times in life when you really can only say what you mean with flowers. Here are some of the finest florists in the area who can help you do that.

Dobbie’s Florist

A fourth-generation flower shop in Niagara Falls, this Victoria Avenue shop is open every day of the week, except for a handful of national holidays. They routinely win local awards and have been awarded a Master Florist service and quality level from FTD. The vast majority of their flowers are brought in from around the Niagara Peninsula throughout the year, so you can be certain the flowers are as fresh as possible.

Almost any floral needs can be taken care of at Dobbie’s, whether you want a bouquet for your last-minute elopement or you need to send sympathy flowers to your sister in Bangkok when her dachshund dies. They also have gifts, stuffed animals, fruit, and gourmet baskets.

Sunstrum’s Florist

FARblog4Another local and award-winning florist, Sunstrum’s was started in 1962, when Dennis Sunstrum, Canada’s first Master Designer, opened up the shop. Specializing in delivery throughout the Niagara region, they also work hard to get their flowers locally.

One helpful aspect of Sunstrum’s is that they feature a vast variety of floral designs on their website, so when you don’t have time to run in to the shop, you can’t decide what you want, or you just don’t know anything about flowers, you can still make the right decision simply by looking through their online catalog.

Country Garden Floral Boutique

Open since 1984, Country Garden Floral Boutique is another specialist in local delivery, and when you make the purchase online, the delivery is free. From orchids and roses to lilies and plants, they offer a wide variety of options that should be able to meet any need or occasion. They also offer an excellent catalogue online that not only includes many wonderful bouquets and blooming plants, but they also offer gift baskets of a wide variety.

Whatever your needs and whatever the reason, Niagara Falls’ many florists can be counted on to provide excellent flower-centered service. Whether you choose Dobbie’s, Sunstrum’s, Country Garden Floral Boutique, or still another shop, should your Niagara Falls vacation need flowers, you’ll be in good hands.