For Lovers of Rock and Roll Flowers: Two Shows

May 12, 2016 8:10 am

FARblog1If you’re a flower lover, then right about now is probably your favorite time of year. From early spring’s cherry blossoms, daffodils, and tulips to late summer’s coneflowers, asters, and mums, the warmer season’s offerings of beauty make the passing of time more bearable, especially since flowers always follow the cold and barren landscapes of winter.

Here in Niagara Falls, we can’t help but get in on the flower festivities. Besides the trees, shrubs, and perennials that burst forth when the weather warms without any coaxing, it’s a common pastime for many in the region to tend to lush and lovely flower gardens.

However, it isn’t just private citizens who get in on the floral act. There are eight annual flower shows offered by the Niagara Parks Commission and held at the Niagara Falls Floral Showhouse, and two of them run into one another from early May until the end of June. If you or anyone in your party lives for the chance to swoon over the colors and smells provided by too many flowers, make sure you include a stop during your Niagara Falls vacation.

The Floral Showhouse

The location of the Niagara Parks Commission Floral Showcase, visitors have been stopping by the Floral Showhouse for more than 70 years. Located just a short, quarter-mile walk from the waterfalls, the Showhouse includes collections of orchids, tropical plants, and succulents in addition to the rotating flower shows offered throughout the year.

Colorful birds fly and sing throughout the greenery, and during the summer months, the grounds around the Showhouse are themselves a stunning example of fragrance, color, and order. There are eight different shows offered throughout the year, and for lovers of rock and roll flower experiences, the two held throughout the months of May and June are among the finest. Tickets for adults are just $5, and children under 13 get in for $3.75.

FARblog2Annual Hydrangea Display

Held from early May until June 10th, the Annual Hydrangea Display is a feast for the eyes and nose. Characterized by their large, round heads, hydrangeas grow in clusters of flowerheads, which helps make them especially lovely when on large display. Pinks, blues, lavender, and whites abound throughout each year’s annual hydrangea display, and the scent is almost heavenly. The setup in the Showhouse features hydrangeas above, below, and beside, so no matter where you walk, look, or stand, you can fully experience these bright, big flowers.

The Regal Geranium Show

Opening right on the heels of the Annual Hydrangea Display, the Regal Geranium Show continues the Floral Showhouse’s floral love fest. From June 11th through June 30th, you can walk among a wide variety of annuals and perennials as the Showhouse is almost completely overtaken by regal geraniums, caladiums, and fuschia. Reds, purples, whites, oranges, and combinations of colors are everywhere. For an experience of the scents and sights of summer, the Regal Geranium Show should not be missed.

Bring your love of flowers with you when you come to Niagara Falls. Whether you take in hydrangeas or regal geraniums, the Floral Showhouse’s late spring and early summer flower shows are designed to please.