Daredevils at Niagara Falls

March 27, 2014 1:36 pm

Maria_Spelterini.jpgIncluded in the rich history of Niagara Falls lies the unique stories of the daredevils. The daredevils who have challenged the Falls in many different ways have helped make Niagara Falls known across the world.

It all started with Annie Taylor who at the age of 63 on October 24th 1901 decided to try to defeat the falls in a barrel. Incredibly she survived the falls and in turn started a tradition for daredevils who had to accomplish the same goal. Over the years many attempted to best the falls with various techniques and equipment. Some found success while others did not.

Beyond those who plunge down the falls in barrels or makeshift devices, there have been tightrope walkers that attempted to cross the massive span of Niagara Falls. In 2012, the world famous Nik Wallenda was granted permission to walk a tightrope between the United States and Canada. This event would pay tribute to the rich history of Niagara Falls.

Over the years the Niagara Parks Commission (NPC) has taken many steps to ensure the protection and safety of the waterways in Niagara Falls. The NPC will only consider proposals by stunting professionals no more than once in a generation or approximately every 20 years. The NPC is interested in paying tribute to the stunting history and the daredevils that have helped make Niagara Falls a tourism hotspot while keeping a strong commitment to safety above everything else.

To get an up close inspection of some of the daredevil’s devices and equipment you can visit the Niagara Falls History Museum. Along with the daredevil pieces you can also discover more about the Niagara Region’s rich history including exhibits on the War of 1812.