How to Make Your Valentine’s Day as Romantic as a Movie

February 10, 2015 10:00 am

FARBlog1Love is a common theme in movies, no matter the genre. Forbidden love, unrequited love, sentimental love, obsessive love, sacrificial love, and passionate love — these all play a major role in the films we love to watch. Unfortunately, the real love you experience with your partner is rarely as dramatic or inspiring as that we see on the screen — until now.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday of significant gestures targeting the passion of your significant other, which makes it the perfect opportunity to turn your everyday love into a cinematic romance. While you may not have the budget for swelling orchestral crescendos and dazzling professional makeup, you can still easily plan a day as romantic as your sweetheart’s favorite Meg Ryan–Tom Hanks flick. Here’s how.

Step One: Find the Right Setting

Most cities aren’t particularly enchanting enough to provide the ideal setting for movie love, and even if you live in an overwhelmingly charming town, brilliance may have worn off after years of inhabitance. Thus, you’ll need to carefully select a new location to allow your fanciful romance to flourish.

Many romantic comedies take place in cities like New York City or Seattle, but these cities are made enticing by movie magic; in reality, they are full only of sidewalk litter and tired locals — not rose petals and crooners. Instead, potential filmmakers would do well to set their sights on a destination with a history of encouraging romance: Niagara Falls.

Long hailed as the Honeymoon Capital of the World, Niagara Falls has beckoned lovers — both betrothed and not — for hundreds of years. Certainly its pristine natural beauty, supported in part by the powerful rushing sound and mystifying mists of the Niagara River, creates a haven for lovers and film-worthy romance.

Step Two: Arrange the Right Activities

FARBlog2The allure of movie romance comes not from the attractive actors or the expert camera angles but from the ever-building plot. Over the course of two hours, audiences watch the potential lovers experience inarguably romantic events that will inevitably inspire passion and lead to the characters’ happily ever after.

Every movie romance has a theme, be it fairy tale or action packed, and you should organize your day according to your and your partner’s romantic tendencies. While you and your significant other have much more than two hours to inspire romance, the attractions around Niagara Falls are designed to provide the same sensual sensations in real life. Here are some of the more popular events you can plan for an unbelievably romantic Valentine’s Day:

  • Drink wine. The Niagara region is world-renowned for its quality vineyards, and it is easy to organize tasting tours at the most popular wineries.
  • Stroll by moonlight. Niagara Falls is just as magnificent at night — if not more so due to the colorful illumination of the rushing water.
  • Ride in a horse-drawn carriage. Niagara-on-the-Lake is a town frozen in time, from its colonial architecture to its old-fashioned transportation.

Step Three: Use the Right Props

No matter how innovative the story lines might become, most movies stick to traditional props to seal the love between characters. With chocolates, roses, wine, or jewelry, you too can solidify your commitment to your one love in true cinematic fashion.